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LÉO CAILLARD  /  French, born in 1985




Fascinated since childhood by science, astronomy, time and our relationship to it, Léo Caillard nurtures the desire to bring conceptual and artistic reflection to it. By resorting to anachronism and the natural curiosity it arouses, the artist leads the public to question the time, in the light of our past.

Léo Caillard lives and works in Paris. Graduated from the Gobelins in 2006, he left for the United States soon after to study the New York art scene.

In 2009, he began his first artistic projects around the notion of time. First of all on the theme of digital technology and our ephemeral relationship with the image. Two years later, he created his most relevant series, “Hispters in Stone”, in which he dressed up to date classical sculptures exhibited at the Louvre. The idea is to better understand the relationship of identification that can exist between these two eras, so different and yet so close on the scale of our civilization. Society is changing, but the great human questions remain. It is this conviction that is the very essence of Léo Caillard's works.


For the past three years, he has been increasingly interested in museum work and regularly participates in recognized institutional exhibitions.

In March 2018, he participated in the Classical Now exhibition at King's College London, alongside major artists such as Marc Quinn or Damien Hirst. There he dressed two monumental sculptures at the north entrance of King's College. He regularly exhibits his work in various exhibitions: at the MACM in Mougins, at the Saint Raymond museum in Toulouse (alongside Jeff Koons and Xu Zhen), at Castletown in Dublin, in Germany in Tubingen and in many other places to come in 2021.

In parallel to this, new works are emerging, essentially centered on marble sculpture, which he puts into dialogue with contemporary elements such as neon or augmented reality. A discourse between stone and light, presence and absence, the tangibility of marble and the immateriality of digital. A unique and singular way of observing our time on the scale of time.


2019 Saint Raymond Museum - Age of Classics
2018 Public Installation - Orly Airport
2018 Public Exhibition - Saint Quentin - France
2018 MACM - Museum of Antique Art of Mougins - France
2018 London King's College Public Installation - "Classical Now"

2017 National Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK, Krakow, Poland

2017 Gallery Adrien / Kavachnina, Solo Show, Paris, France

2016 Gallery Adrien / Kavachnina, Solo Show, Paris, France
2016 “In Museum”, Gallery 28 Matignon, Paris, France, March
2013 Fotofever Art Fair, victori contemporary, Paris, France, November

2012 “Miami Houses”, Latour Art space, Paris, France, June
2012 “Art Game”, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Exhibition, Paris, France, March

2011 Negatifplus Lab, June


2019 Tubingen Kunsthalle Germany - Comeback History (cover catalog)

2018 Christies Education - Event presentation - MTart
2018 Dublin Castletown "On a Pedestal" Exhibition
2017 YIA Artfair - Paris, France

2017 Art San Francisco & Art Busan South Korea
2016 FIAC Grand Palais - Casting workshops of the National Museums

2015 Group show, gallery Adrien / Kavachnina, Paris, France
2014 Group Show, Gallery 28 Matignon, Paris, France
2014 Art Wynwood 2014, Victori Contemporary, Miami, FL. February

2014 Group Show, Gallery Bacqueville, Bruxelles, Belgium
2014 SCOPE Basel 2014, Victori Contemporary, Basel, Switzerland, June

2014 Art-up Artfair, Gallery Bacqueville, Bruxelles, Belgium
2013 SCOPE Basel

2013 Victori Contemporary, Basel, Switzerland, June

2013 Aqua Art Miami

2013 Victori Contemporary, Miami, FL. December

2012 SCOPE Miami

2012 Victori Contemporary, Miami, FL, December


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2016 ZDF TV interview, Germany
2015 Cover of “Liberation” + 4 pages, France
2015 TV Interview Paris Première, France
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2013 Cover of “Archive Mag” + 6 pages, France
2013 Cover “Philosophie Magazine”, France
2013 Nouvel Obs, "Hipster in Stone": the photographer Léo Caillard dresses the statues "

2013 Business Insider France, "The Iconic Statues Of The Louvre, Reimagined As Hipsters"

2013 Daily Mail, "Rock 'n' stone: The classical statues turned into hipsters in fashionable Ray Bans, denim shirts and jeans"

2012 Interview TV DW on digital photographers, Germany

2012 LCI TV interview, “The young photographer of the month”, France

2012 “Beaux Arts”, “Statues” Series, France



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